Reliable Motorcycle Transport Services

We started out after sitting at a local shop and talking about how badly their customers were being gouged by the existing towing and transport companies.   

The team at Wicked Bastard Cycles approaches all of their projects with Customer Service in mind so hearing that their customers were being charged over $200 for a 5 mile towing to their shop was outrageous .    We discussed how all of us at one time or another needed transport and how badly the service was as well as how expensive the pricing currently is with most of the established transport options.      

We decided to do something about it then and there and that is how ACE Motorcycle Transport was born.   (I'm the owner "Ace" by the way)  

We are here when you need us 

We serve the North Texas area for Motorcycle Transport

Reasonable Pricing for Transport 

To keep things simple, we have only three pricing levels:

  • Local Transport under 40 miles to and from one of the shops that we do business with is a flat $50 fee
  • We can also help you to find a good shop to handle repairs if you would like.

  • For Transport other than to one of our "partner shops", the price is $50  under 15 miles.   For Transport over 15 miles the cost is $50 plus $3.50 per mile
  • ...

  •  For Transport longer than six hours, please contact us for a quote
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We do not charge additional "trip fees" or charge you for travel time unless you are more than one hour away.

Engine blueprinting

Chassis modifications

Performance exhausts

Gauge package

Performance Chips

...and much more

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